Saturday, May 12, 2007


Is there anything better than coffee? I suppose an argument could be made for truth or justice, but do either of them taste so good, keep you alert and make you poop? I didn't think so.

Here in New England this is a time of transition. Some mornings are still chilly, so I have my usual large coffee. Sometimes it's muggy already and I opt for iced coffee, lightly sweetened with room for cream. In a few weeks it will iced coffee until October. By my office there are three coffee shops, one closed a few months back. Fortunately it was the crappy one that I rarely went to. The only thing they had that I really, really liked was milk and cream in the old time glass bottles with the paper caps. Man those things are cool. Certain things change but are never improved, the old time milk bottles are one of those things.

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