Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Selection of Lightweights

It seems to me that almost every candidates for president in 2008 on the democratic side, with the possible exception of HRC, are a bunch of lightweights.
Barack Obama? Please. The man has all the gravitas of Keanu Reeves and the political insight of Barbara Streisand. If his name were Barney O' Bannion, with his experience, his candidacy would be laughable. The fact that he's Black and "clean" as in he hasn't shaken down half of the Fortune 500 or encouraged a mob to murder by arson are two of his main attributes. Try finding three more.
John Edwards, sorry but the Breck boy preaching about global warming and two Americas while living in 20,000 square foot house doesn't inspire much enthusiasm. He'll have to to bring more to the stump than a spendy haircut and class warfare if he wants to win the nomination. People who know how this s.o.b. earned all his money know that he and his ilk are part of the problem and a long way removed from the solution.
Bill Richardson is kind of interesting. I'd like to hear more about him. Every time I have heard him speak, I thought him well spoken and diplomatic. I fear his politics are the same old tired lefty group think, but he seems to be a decent guy.
Chris Dodd, no one not even Dodd himself thinks he has the slightest chance of becoming president. His candidacy is all about vanity or perhaps a bar wager. Here in Connecticut where a new high school principle is front page news, Dodd's campaign hasn't created any Doddmentum or Chris-to-buzz. In fact we liked it better when he was drinking heavily with Teddy Kennedy and getting handy with D.C. waitresses, Yankee Doodle being the state song and all.
Dennis Kucinich, it's easy to make fun of Kucinich, but I admire him because I believe he believes, all the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth. I don't think he's qualified to run a rural lending library or even borrow from one, but I don't think we have to worry about him being nominated either.
Al Gore used to be kind of centrist Democrat and a sane, if kinda stiff, sorta pol. Then he lost in 2000 to GWB because Bubba was getting hummers in the Oval Office and that unhinged him. Since then he's been crazier than the cat lady on the Simpson's.
Joe Biden is fun because occasionally he says something he means. The problem is you have to listen to him to hear it. He's yet another senator who thinks he has a chance at the presidency for no other reason than he thinks he does, but again, he doesn't.
Mike Gravel, despite a great sounding name this man is all flip when he isn't all flop. Yet another tired Democrat politico who you will never hear from again after 2007 unless you are unfortunate enough to be from his state, whichever state that happens to be.
Which leaves Hillary Clinton. Hillary is tough, shrewd and very, very left wing despite how she's trying to position herself now. It may not be fair but a woman this tough is assumed to be bitchy when the same traits in a man, i.e. Rudy Giuliani, are thought of as ballsy. Of all the Democratic candidates she's the pick of the litter. In the next several months the wheels will come the Obama bus and Hillary will continue to roll along, until the election where any of the top three G.O.P candidates will defeat here handily.

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