Friday, June 29, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why I Won't Be Buying an IPhone

  1. There's Steve McQueen cool and geek cool. One is something to be emulated the other is something to be avoided.
  2. I wouldn't wait on line for 12 hours for something I needed, never mind a $500 toy.
  3. Call me cynical, but why would I buy a $500 phone and a $2000 service plan that forces me to use AT&T?
  4. I feel no overwhelming need to play music or videos and web browse from my cell phone.
  5. It's kind of big, 4.5 inches, does it come with it's Iutilitybelt?
  6. Steve Jobs is not Satan, but he regularly has lunch with him.
  7. The Iphone battery is sealed inside it's case, will this matter long term?
  8. First generation stuff is often twitchy, even from Apple.
  9. Getting back to the cool thing, it just isn't "cool" cool, it's more like Eddie Murphy saying "awesome" in Bowfinger cool.
  10. It doesn't come with matching pocket protector, although it should.


zaphod said...

It's no bigger than any other smart phone. The Samsung Blackjack is 4.5 inches as is the Blackberry 8800. the Treo is 4.4 inches. The iPhone is thinner than all of it's competitors. Did you need a utility belt or a pocket protector for that Blackberry you had?

As for the cost, it IS pricey. And they'll sell every damn one of them. You can get a service plan for a lot less than $2000, though. According to yesterday's WSJ the data plans all include unlimited email and internet and range from $60/month to $220/month. The difference is based on the number of voice minutes you want.

I also don't feel any overwhelming need to web browse from my phone but I can see where it would be handy. And I like that the iPhone gives you the real web not a truncated version you'll find on other phones. The video thing didn't impress me much until I saw a video iPod at an Apple store recently. The large screen and high resolution the iPhone offers will make that experience even better. As for listening to music, well, Apple had sold about a kagillion iPods already so clearly you're in the minority as far as that's concerned. The feature I think I'll especially like is Google maps.

Having to use AT&T is a drawback but the ability to automatically detect and switch to nearby WiFi networks should help to compensate for that.

As for what is or isn't "cool" I don't really care. Why do you buy stuff from L.L.Bean? Because it's cool or because you appreciate the way they make their stuff? Essentially, we're talking about same thing here.

El Duderino said...

Two things:
Firts, geeks don't buy at LL Bean and think they are cool for doing so. Old farts, like me, buy there because it's LL Bean and damn it, we like it. That and they're probably the best retail store in the word in terms of price, quality and service.
Secondly, I have your goat here. He says he misses you.

zaphod said...

I already said I don't care whether it's "cool" or not. You raised a number of objections and I addressed them.

Being "cool" isn't about the things a person buys. It's about attitude. The silly hype surrounding the iPhone is the opposite of cool.

As for L.L.Bean being best in price, no it isn't. It's not even close. It's probably best value, however, which is the point I'm making.

El Duderino said...

Again, two things:
L.L. Bean does indeed have the best price. This may surprise you, but when we went to Greece in 1995 we needed all sorts of camping and hiking gear. Comparing L.L. Bean to Campmor, EMS and REI, among many others, Bean was consistantly lower or at least the same as the lowest for such staples as Thermarests, Tevas, Polartec Sleeping Bags, Tents, Vasque Hiking Boots, Backpacks, etc. It wasn't a hard decision to buy from a company that had the lowest price, the same exact gear and the best return policy in retail. If you think I b.s. you, check it out for yourself.
Secondly, baaaah! Daaaaaady come take me hoooome.

ScottJ said...

Goodnight sweet wife... you guys crack me up!