Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baseball: Sox n' Rangers, Pettitte Gets Shelled

Julian Tavares, the fifth Red Sox starter, has pitched damn well this season, damn well, which has been one of those pleasant surprises, like Mike Lowell coming alive offensively. Today Tavares lost after giving up two measly runs to the Texas Rangers. I'm not sure what parallel universe we've stumbled into here, but apparently it's one where the Texas Rangers can win two games in a row against the Red Sox by out pitching us. Scary.

While it sucks that the Sox have lost two in a row, I take great consolation in the desperation of the Yankees and more importantly their fans. Andy Pettitte gave up eight runs today against Oakland and was Yanked in the second inning. Ouch. I'm shocked the Yankees haven't had a major shake up considering they've been performing. Yesterday on YES Johny Judas was nearly in tears trying to explain their failure to win, Derek Jeter was trying to explain why they've been struggling as did Jorge Posada, each failed at that too. The bottom line is that with, by far, the biggest payroll in the game, the Yankees have a bunch of players who are overpaid and under performing. I almost hate to admit this, but it's more fun when the Sox and Yanks are neck and neck and every game means something. The Sox being the Sox and the Yanks being the Yanks, this can still happen before the end of the year so I'm not complaining about an eleven game lead at the All Star break.

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