Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Year In The Joint

I just found out that a friend, not a close one thank God, from high school has been sentenced to a year in jail for carrying a pistol without a permit. He's in the big house up in Somers with all the rapists, murderers and drug dealers. Way to go.

You, my astute reader, may be wondering how the hell do you end up in jail for such a minor thing, there must be more to the story? I don't know the particulars of this offense but my friend has been arrested on numerous occasions, usually for something weed related. He comes from a good home, went to private schools where he was in the National Honor Society and graduated from UCONN on his parents dime, yet somehow he never quite figured out that the law is the law, not a mere suggestion.

I feel conflicted in a way because I think Jacob, not his real name, is the last person who harm anybody, yet if I guess that he's been arrested five times prior to this fiasco for different things all related to the cultivation, possession, use and sale of marijuana, I'd probably be understating it by half. What does it take for somebody to wake the hell up?

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ScottJ said...

What does it take for somebody to wake the hell up?

A year of jail time ought to do the trick.