Wednesday, September 19, 2007

List of Things I Like for Some Reason

  1. Those little brown packets of Turbinado Sugar in the Raw
  2. Wash n' Drys
  3. John Candy
  4. Old Spice
  5. Goetze's Caramel Creams, or better yet Cow Tails
  6. The smell of the newspaper stand at the New Haven train Station; candy and newsprint
  7. Swiss Army Knives
  8. Smart Wool Socks
  9. A ridiculously sharp Black Ticonderoga Cedar Millennium Pencil, #2 Soft Lead
  10. Black and white composition books
  11. Half n' Half in a glass bottle with a paper cap
  12. Library book sales
  13. Prosciutto
  14. Fast Self Serve Gas Pumps
  15. Mouse Trap, the game
  16. Fishing Tackle
  17. Finding a five dollar bill on an empty street
  18. Boxed shirts from the cleaners
  20. National Lampoon
  21. Coffee, Cafe Americano, Lattes, Iced Coffee, Cappuccino - essentially any liquid brewed from the Coffea arabica seed
  22. Brook Trout
  23. Nalgene Water Bottles
  24. 45 RPM Singles
  25. HP 12c Financial Calculator

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