Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meteorite Hits Peru

Call me a wussy, but I am a little more than concerned about this:

Around midday Saturday, villagers were startled by an explosion and a fireball that many were convinced was an airplane crashing near their remote village, located in the high Andes department of Puno in the Desaguadero region, near the border with Bolivia.
Residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a "strange odor," local health department official Jorge Lopez told Peruvian radio RPP.
Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being hospitalized, Lopez said.

Supposedly the extreme heat caused by friction of Earth's atmosphere is enough to sterilize a meteorite from any known pathogen. Any known pathogen. Wasn't there a Stephen King movie about this?