Friday, January 25, 2008

Dana Jacobson Drunken Rant

Dana Jacobson co-host of the "ESPN First Take" morning show, stepped in it with both feet recently at a roast for ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike on January 11 by allegedly saying,

"“f**k Notre dame”

“f**k touchdown Jesus”

" step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike… “f**k Jesus".

That's some funny, funny stuff. Now the Christian Defense Coalition is calling for her ouster in front of ESPN's Bristol headquarters. As much as I disagree with Jacobson's sentiments, I think this may be a bit drastic. Granted, if she had said, f--- the Jews or f--- the n-word or f--- any other religious or ethnic group the reaction would have been the same, only the faces in the angry mob would be different.
Two things make me want to let her off the hook. First, it's not like she said this on the air. What people say or do at their place of work or their personal lives has a much lower standard than what we allow them to broadcast into our homes. Secondly, she's a relatively attractive woman in her late thirties who was out at a party swilling Belvedere Vodka, barely in control of herself. I have always enjoyed such people. I think a weeks suspension, a ton of grief, several tearful pleas for forgiveness, five Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers ought to do the trick.

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