Saturday, January 26, 2008

Somebody Needs To Be Fired

LUTHER, Okla. A local father has expressed concern over allegations that classes at his son's school have turned into Movie Appreciation 101. When Justin -- who asked not to be identified -- started asking his son for a list of lessons learned at Luther High School, his ninth-grader rattled off a list of new releases. "'The Simpsons Movie' was on there, which I whole-heartedly disapprove of," Justin said.
Justin's son told him he had watched about 46 hours of movies in various classes since October. Several of the movies were rated R, he said.
Maybe this is why Johnny can't read, lazy teachers. If this were to happen here in West Hartford, heads would roll in gutters red with blood and rightfully so. A movie, now and then, especially if it's a great movie, can be a good thing. Saving Private Ryan while a great film and teachable may be a poor choice for freshmen in this day of sissified parents and children. As much as I love the Simpsons, I see no reason to show that film in an educational environment. What do you think of these films being shown in your kids school?
  • Saving Private Ryan - great flick probably too intense though.
  • Spider Man 3 - remember when comic books in school were confiscated and tossed out?
  • The Mummy - not bad, hardly educational.
  • The Simpsons Movie - Spider Pig?
  • Dodgeball - they must be kidding.
  • Home Alone 3 - they must be kidding still.
  • Robin Hood, Men In Tights - alright, that's enough kidding.
  • The Sandlot - the kids would be better off playing in one, instead of watching it.
  • Men In Black - I like this movie, but it has no place in school.
  • Seabiscuit - very good movie, perhaps teachable.
  • The Tuxedo - cruel and unusually bad punishment.
  • Cinderella Man - very good movie, perhaps teachable, maybe they did a unit on the Great Depression.
  • Rocky - good film, kids were probably jabbing each other and trying to break ribs.
  • Air Force One - why?
  • Napoleon Dynamite - again why?
  • Gridiron Gang - again the kids would be better off playing the sport when not studying.
  • Dr. Doolittle - I doubt Rex Harrison was in this one, the new one sucked.
  • Remember The Titans - yet again the kids would be better off being active.
  • Radio - watch and learn kiddos, at this rate this is your future.
  • Beowulf - one of my favorite books, which takes about as long to read as seeing a movie.

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