Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ipsa Qvidem Pretivm Virtvs Sibi

American Armed Forces do well by doing right in Iraq.
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zaphod said...

... Iraqis saw, day by day, the efforts by American troops to avoid hurting civilians. Initially, Iraqis saw that as an American weakness, but in the long run they recognized it as a sensibility rarely seen in the Middle East. This will have long term consequences for relations between the United States and Iraq.

Bingo! This is called "winning the peace". The purpose of war isn't simply "victory". The purpose of war is a new peace built upon a different political reality than that which existed prior to the start of hostilities. THIS is what we've been doing in Iraq.

Iraq is a keystone state in the Middle East. By changing the political culture there the entire game changes. We've already seen results in Lebanon. BTW, we absolutely HAVE to make sure Lebanon doesn't regress. Syria is desperately trying to strangle the child in the crib. We can't let them succeed.