Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chicken, Egg, Chicken, Egg, Etc.......

Are creation and evolution incompatible? I never thought so. They seem to me to be answers to two different questions. Evolution answers pretty convincingly, but far from perfectly, how creatures came to be the way they are. Creation answers pretty convincingly, but far from perfectly, how there could be anything to evolve to begin with.
A creationist and an evolutionist go to a museum. The creationist looks at a painting of the world and says "Wow, what an incredible artist!". An evolutionist looks at the same painting and says "Look here at this brilliant brush work, the amazing design which took tens of thousands of millenia there's no artist, just an inexorable process from which the best survives from the average".
Pretty ham handed I grant you, but dispute these arguments if you can:

Some things are moved.
Everything that is moved is moved by a mover.
An infinite regress of movers is impossible.
Therefore, there is an unmoved mover from whom all motion proceeds.
This mover is what we call God.

Some things are caused.
Everything that is caused is caused by something else.
An infinite regress of causation is impossible.
Therefore, there must be an uncaused cause of all caused things.
This causer is what we call God.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but does the Unmoved Mover want us to bring ourself and our family to Mass on Sundays? And receive Him in the Sacrament? And show our children by our actions that God is still-with-us? You know who....