Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client 9, Eliott Spitzer

Top Ten angles of the Spitzer Sex Scandal:
  1. The hypocrisy. This man made a career of sending criminals to prison.
  2. Stand by Me. There's Mrs. Spitzer hanging on to her to man and the perks therewith like grim death.
  3. Hillary Clinton. Where have we seen the spouse done wrong hold on like grim death for the perks therewith before? 2008 may be the fruition of all that bitter anger.
  4. GOP/DEM divide. Dems are apt to forgive, GOPs want his head. Fill in your own reasons why.
  5. Sex, Seeeeex. Sex sells papers and ad time. If you don't want your screw up on national TV and in the Times and tabloids, do something boring like 403b fraud.
  6. Feminist. Have ax, have grindstone. Yet another powerful horny toad gets it caught in his own zipper, expect the stout ankle crowd to have some unimaginative commentary.
  7. Spitzer was an ass to begin with. This will be a somewhat rare angle. Those of you who have been paying attention don't really need a new reason to strongly dislike Spitzer.
  8. The other woman. It's only a matter of time before the working girl in question becomes a household name, perhaps even a celebrity of sorts.
  9. Legalization of adult consensual, cash based, behavior. One day, not now, not here.
  10. Were There Others? Other working girls, other occasions, other prominent and powerful men?

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