Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change has come to America - an overview of B.O.'s acceptance speech

Change has come to America. I am typing this as Obama's acceptance speech shows on the TV.

But I can't help remembering the N.I.C.E. organization of CS Lewis' That Hideous Strength; I can't help but think of many other fictional novelties.

Obama's crowds bleakly applaud McCain's bow-down, and applaud (somewhat bleakly) Biden, and then cheered (the meglomaniac) 1st Lady Michelle & the first Lady's dog, like the 2nd Coming on a chariot, yet weak applause for the rest of his his family (racism, Michelle?)-- but real cheers for his campaign coordinator, etc, etc, heroic cheers. Why not? So its the politico's they know & love.

He says: "We will get there." Where? Who knows?

Of course, he indicates that "I will fail, as president, through setbacks," etc. But "we will make that change." "Values by which we won (weak applause) will heal the divides."

This guy is an inverse Bush.

Spend spend spend of the middle classes' wages, and Promise The World to the Outside, both right and left.

"If my daughters should live so long" (so as actually to come out of their Mother's womb before I might allow them to be killed) then we shall do it. But unfortunately, we've apparently decided against that Hope and Change, so my daughters might be dead..... might be killed as they came outta my wife's uterus, only several minutes old; only several months old since conception.

"I support that kinda change!" Which is NO change for the unborn.

The CNN Coronation of these people is scandalous and stomach-wrenching. We are now again living in the age of the Ceasars.

Hail Obama! That is what we must now cheer.

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Scott J said...

O.K. now that there is an almost overwhelming control over our government by the left leaning crowd... the time is now for them to act. You asked for it... you got it... show us what you've got, big boys. Proove to us we were wrong. Proove to us that your brand of hope and change are indeed better for our country.

May God continue to bless our country, and protect us all.