Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's no secret what I want to happen tomorrow. I'm not a big fan of McCain but an Obama victory combined with an expanded Democrat majority in Congress fills me with dread.

Stephen Green over at Vodkapundit sees the map this way going into tomorrow:

As a prediction/analysis, this looks pretty good to me. Obviously, team Obama has expanded the map. They've created numerous paths to victory. It's been a very strategically sound campaign.

McCain's path to victory is much much narrower. Early on, we'll be looking at Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio. If ANY of those states goes Obama's way, McCain doesn't win. If they all go to McCain, all eyes will shift to Missouri and Florida.

We'll know soon enough.

For dispirited McCainiacs here's this.

Now go out and vote!

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CultMan said...


I am filled with ... I don't know what ... about the good possibility that Obama may win.