Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Colin McEnroe Binned By WTIC

Liberal gadfly, columnists and WTIC talk radio talking head Colin McEnroe was binned by WTIC. In somewhat related news WTIC center right talk show host Jim Vicevich had his show expanded by an hour.
I wonder if the rocket scientists over at the Hartford Courant can figure out why their ad revenues and circulation are so abysmal and do the same sort of thing?

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CultMan said...

Although this does not affect me much - being outta state - though I have suffered through many, many business trips listening to C.M. in the company car (same initials as mine!).

Definitely a wake-up for WTIC (didn't we all grow up with those letters riging through our brains? Checking our new grade-school wristwatches to "synchronize" with the tone?).