Saturday, January 03, 2009

Steroids In Professional Wrestling

Congressman Henry Waxman, D. CA, has an issue with the abuse of steroids in professional wrestling. Who can blame him?
I think "professional wrestling" as a whole is a bad idea. 330 pound gargantuans pounding the hell out of each other with no real repercussions is not a healthy thing for kids to watch. It's funny that wrestling is on right after MMA on Spike TV. In MMA 165 pound guys elbow each other and break each other's noses. In wrestling 6'6" 330 pound guys punch each other square in the face - repeatedly- and no one gets sent to the emergency room.
It reminds me of an EMT who responded to a fight at stag party. One inebriated guest had whacked another over the back with an oak chair. But unlike what you see in every saloon clearing fight in every John Wayne movie ever made, the chair didn't break, the man's back, neck and ribs did.

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