Tuesday, January 06, 2009

War in Gaza

I can't see how anyone can side with Hamas in this conflict unless they are made blind by Anti Zionist rage.
Some unsolicited advice for the Arabs living in Palestine. The Jewish state is a reality, get over it. You may not like it, but any attempt to get rid of it will hurt you more than it's destruction will help. Your squalor has everything to do with you, your beliefs and actions and your leaders' beliefs and actions but precious little to do with Israel's success - the pie isn't limited you can make your own pie. Get to it.
Acting all tough by blindly launching effete missiles at your much stronger neighbor then whining like a bitch when they kick your ass is not very becoming, in fact it's despicable. What did you expect them to do? Let you (try to) kill them?
Unless everything we are told here in the West is wrong, it seems that Israel makes every effort to avoid civilian casualties while Hamas threatens to kill "Jewish children around the world". What are you people thinking?
Another thing. Like most Americans I am far too comfortable enjoying the sweet life here in the greatest country the world has ever known to develop much of an interest in your goat humpings, wife beatings, gay stonings and general squalor. But I seem to remember Palestinians dancing in the street on 9/11, accordingly you can kiss my dimpled American ass. I don't care if Israel, or anyone else for that matter, kills your best looking goat and singes the mustache off you least nettlesome wife. Hosea was right, you have sown the wind, now reap the whirlwind and quit bitching about it.
Renounce violence. Swallow your pride, reject militant Islam and accept your Jewish neighbors right to exist and the progress you seek has a real chance of happening. Absent that, get used to being the dingleberries festooning the asshole of the world.

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