Monday, March 30, 2009

GM and Our Tax Dollars at Work

I try not to be a moron and I try to buy things that don't suck, i.e. I drive an old Lexus and my wife drives a Honda. We do this for a reason; we don't want to be saddled with unending repair bills. Thanks to the Obama administration, I along with every other American tax payer, gets to guarantee shitty GM products without the negligible benefit of driving a shitty GM car.
When you remove the consequences, why bother making the right choice?

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CultMan said...

I believe National Review, April 6th ?, had a good article on why Dems are pro big business, with a focus on Obama and the Big 3 and teh history of the Dems; and of course Long's pointed file on pelosi and spending taxpayers money bailing out the big guys in Detroit....