Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California takes stand against gay marriage

The Dude stands with Perez Hilton, agrees she's a dumb B*****!!!!

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C.C. said...

Miss California, I am a man who totally believes in in your Gods Honest truth about Gay marriage. It should not even be considered. No thanks to the moronic Clinton, who opened up a can of fags when he ran for his first term, now he has them crawling all over, openly. I truly believe that you and the current 2009 Miss America should swap places because this is the way I hoped it would have turned out when there were 20 of you beautiful woman left to choose from. The rich folks that put on the Miss America pageant are obviously in their own element and care not what America truly wishes for. I personally feel that the Miss America Pageant is now determined by some "not so biblical" facts and not your true inner beauty. God Bless You, and you WILL be Miss America 2009 in my heart all year, although I am not in no way putting down the girl who got selected, but your mind set, as well as your beauty has you in my heart forever. So in my heart, Miss America 2009 "IS" you, Miss California. God Bless You